Microsoft Solitaire Collection is a perfect gift for all solitaire fans preferring to try their hand in competing with the smart AI. This compilation of cards games lets you:

  • choose from games like Klondike, Spider, FreeCell, Pyramid, TriPeaks;
  • take part in daily and Star Club challenges;
  • keep an eye on statistics of your plays;
  • modify each solitaire game per your liking thanks to the variety of themes available.

If Solitaire Collection is your staff of life in terms of gaming, then you need to know more about solitaires. The playing cards history must get into focus of your interests. So let us help you with filling knowledge gaps in this topic.

A bit from the history of playing cards

The invention of this entertainment was attributed to the cunning Egyptians, and the fatalists Indians, and the cheerful Greeks. However, the latest research shows that the first playing cards appeared later, in the XII century in China, during the times of Tang dynasty.

In the late 1300’s, the world discovered playing cards along with the Chinese. Playing decks quickly became the mass obsession after the invention of the type press by Johann Gutenberg. 
Cards became the popular entertainment for the leisure time of the court aristocrats. They discovered aesthetic amusement in drawings with allegorical signs of animals, birds, and plants. Later, aristocrats used cards as a convenient way to transfer secret information in the palace and love affairs. And then, cards were even used for the possibility of risky games with omnipotent Fatum (talking about Tarot).

They were medieval entertainment, and still, they are. For all those card players, the games with cards are highly addictive and favorable. Do you like hanging with friends and playing some popular card games? If yes, then we have a question for you. How do you play cards when no friends are nearby? Probably, you ask for help one of your digital device, for example, your PC or mobile phone. And you are doing exactly the right thing.

Playing cards nowadays

When the craving for playing cards becomes so unbearable, you can refer to the tech-savviness inside you and indulge in your favorite activity. Play any of the card games based on the same four-suit system, royalty, and a concept of taking tricks. Do it with the Microsoft Solitaire Collection, the best card games compilation available on Windows PC or mobile. 

Experience the joy and meditative vibes by playing solitaires in the calm atmosphere by the blue screen of your computer or smartphone.