FAQ Microsoft Solitaire Collection — solved question How do I restore Microsoft Solitaire Collection? Open the Start Menu. Click on Settings. Click on System. In the left pane of the window, click on Apps & features. Search for or scroll down for and locate the listing for Microsoft Solitaire Collection and click on it. Click on Advanced. Click on the Reset button. Is Microsoft Solitaire Collection free? Solitaire has been part of Windows for more than 25 years, and The Microsoft Solitaire Collection makes it the best experience to date with five different card games in one. Is there Solitaire on Windows 10? Microsoft is now bringing back Solitaire as a built-in game on Windows 10. It's the same modern version from Windows 8, but you no longer have to search around the Windows Store to find it and play. It's a similar decision to the return of the Start Menu, bringing back features Windows users are familiar with. Can you play Microsoft Solitaire offline? Microsoft Bingo requires an online connection. You won't be able to play this game while offline. If you play offline, some features, such as the ability to purchase additional items from the Windows Store, will not be available. Additionally, any leaderboards will be unavailable while you're offline. How can I play my Windows 10 games offline? Navigate to Start > Settings > Update & security > Windows Update to check your device is up to date. Open the Windows Store. Click the 'Me' icon in the top right of the screen (your profile picture) Ensure Offline Permissions is enabled under the Settings menu. How do I uninstall Microsoft Solitaire on Windows 10? Uninstall Microsoft Solitaire (or other game you wish to uninstall) by right-clicking the app icon and choosing Uninstall from the menu. Press the Windows key + R, or swipe from the bottom-left corner to open the Run window. Type “wsreset“ in the Run window, and then click ENTER. How many different versions of solitaire are there? If you mean the number of known solitaire variations then there's more than 1000 different solitaire variations you can play. You can find the rules of 510 of them below: The rules of 510 solitaire card games.   Continue Reading Microsoft Solitaire Collection TriPeaks expert guide TriPeaks Solitaire Collection game is one of the most interesting, classic and beloved variants of Solitaire. It is also known as Three Peaks, Triple Peaks and Tri Towers. It comes with the Microsoft Solitaire Collection pack. While the rules are still the same, there is a new improved HD graphics and different themes you may want to try, considering this microsoft solitaire collection tripeaks guide. Devoted players can see some elements of the Pyramid and Golf Solitaire combined in TriPeaks. And yet, it is unique in its own way. The game has an advanced scoring system, which lures you deeper into the game. However, there are more chances to earn scores when you are not playing all the moves in one game. How to get higher scores? There is a secret on how to get the best scores in the game. Of course, if you know how to play and are familiar with the computer version, you don’t need any extra tutorials. And yet, experienced gamers suggest you two moves which can lead to the victory: To clear each Peak To form long sequences You can receive lots of points after clearing the peak. The first peak gives you 15 points, another peak  - another 15 points, the last peak goes for 30 points. If you don’t want to count, this is 60 points in total. You may want to consider it if your main goal is to receive the highest number of scores for the game. Another option to earn more points is to form a nice and long sequence. The perk of this move is that you don’t have to deal with talon’s card. The scoring system of TriPeaks gives you an extra point for every card in sequence. So, the longer it will be, the more points you’ll receive in the end. The first card brings you one point, next card two points, next – three points, and so on. The sequence will end at the talon and it will start again with one point. This is an interesting system and offers you not to hurry up with moving cards too fast. Why? Well, for starters, do you know the difference between 12 long sequence and two six long sequences? In total, 12-long sequence gives us 78 points. And two 6-long sequences in total cost just 42 points. The difference in 36 points can be crucial. Another way to explain these weird mathematics is to imagine the extension of the long sequence. Imagine 14 cards instead of 12 cards in sequence. It would give 27 additional points. With 2 more cards on the 12-card sequence, it will give us two 6-card sequences. So, it pays to form not two but one longer sequence. Just make sure that you can form at least 10 cards sequence. Once the game starts, you see that you can form a long sequence. However, it usually does not last longer than 10 cards. Study the entire tableau really carefully. You may notice something you did not before. Look at all the cards that are at the bottom row. Look at the same rank. Form the long sequence in your head at first. When you understand what cards are covering your way, you may remove them one by one. Be careful to not remove cards that can make the sequence even longer, even if you can close the deal with a shorter sequence in no time. If your goal is to aim more scores, you need to be careful and take some time. Good scores in the game bring more awards and medals. Balance you knowledge you receive with the goal to uncover the peaks. If you will hold sequence for too long, there will be no peaks uncovered and no extra points. Hold these two factors in your mind playing the game. To become master in the TriPeaks is not so hard. The main idea is to practice as much as you can. Pick the strategy that suits you, calculate your options, or simply have fun.   Continue Reading A complete guide to Microsoft Solitaire Collection cheats Microsoft Solitaire Collection is the set of games that come with Windows 10. For the long period, all versions of Windows came packed with different Solitaire editions. The new era was started when users of Windows 10 did not find any familiar Solitaire, Spider Solitaire or FreeCell games. The good news was that Microsoft included Solitaire Collection into Windows 10. They extended a number of Solitaire games, including TriPeaks and Pyramid, which made their debut on Windows devices. Besides that, developers added some light and hard daily challenges and more themes to the card games. Still, both games are not completely unfamiliar to gamers, as they had an opportunity to play in Pyramid through Microsoft Entertainment Pack 2, hidden by the name Tut’s Tomb. TriPeaks version appeared in Microsoft Entertainment Pack 3. They were previously selected into the Best of Microsoft Entertainment Download. The difference Solitaire Collection has integration with Xbox Live, unlike like games from Windows 7 standard pack. It also is freemium adware. Its design was mainly inspired by Windows 8 Start Screen, made in 2012. The game had to introduce Windows 8 to its users. Unlike all the previous games for other Microsoft operational systems, this collection is updated from the Windows Store. It also has a connection with Microsoft server and the ability to communicate with it. Users may notice that Microsoft included daily challenges offer and achievements track to the Solitaire Collection. Microsoft Solitaire Collection Overview Developers came up with the new versions of classic Solitaire which they called Klondike, FreeCell, Spider, Pyramid, and TriPeaks. Many people are already familiar with FreeCell and classic version of Solitaire that now called Klondike. Both of these games received slightly different graphics, but the rules are still the same. While FreeCell and Klondike were included in previous Windows versions under another names, Tripeaks, Pyramid, and Spider is still very familiar for most players, as they are the variants of popular card games. Plus, with all these games there are daily challenges you may take part in. They provide one challenge a day for one game. In total, you receive 5 challenges for a day if you play in all five games. After successful completion, you receive awards and medals. Achievements and how to unlock them In any game created by humans, there is a cheat that can be found. And if you are looking for microsoft solitaire collection cheats, this guide is for you. You’ll have unlockable options, and here is how to unlock them: All Hands on Deck can be unlocked by winning 1 000 Solitaire games Classic is unlocked after completed the Klondike game without Foundation pile use Classic Speed Run  - the fastest win in FreeCell, Spider and Klondike receive up to 10 minutes Excavator – 21 rows cleared in Pyramid’s single game Flipping Out – flipped 10 000 cards FreeCell – 4 medals won Game 617 – won #617 game in FreeCell Jack of all Trades – played a game of FreeCell, Klondike, TriPeaks, Pyramid, and Spider Jackpot! – Cumulative Vegas 1000 points score in Klondike is earned Journeyman – played over 10 000 games in Solitaire or began Windows 8 game and finish on Windows Phone King of the Hill  - won 100 games in Solitaire Klondike – won 4 medals related to Klondike Lucky 13 -  received 10 000 points playing Pyramid Mountain Climber – received 150 000 points in TriPeaks Number Runner – cleared five boards in TriPeaks’ one game Pyramid – has 4 medals related to Pyramid Spider – has 4 medals related to Spider TriPeaks – has 4 medals related to TriPeaks Unraveler – beat the game of Spider in 4 suits Victorious – received 20 medals in total on Windows 8 and Windows Phone. Microsoft Solitaire Collection Benefits Classic staples of Solitaire. While there are multiple numbers of different variations of solitaire, including paper cards, the five options that were gathered by Microsoft are the most often played, known and favorite. People love these games and get angry when they are not preinstalled on their device. Still, the pack is always available in the official Microsoft store for free. Star Club and Daily Challenges. This is something completely new for such kind of games. There are challenges that players need to pass every day in order to receive awards. You will be asked to solve a special deal, to play a different card, to clear a certain type of card amount. Completing daily challenges will bring you medal at the end of the month. Star Club brings extra packs of challenges if you feel that daily tasks are not enough for you. Each of the pack has its own unique theme, level of difficulty or the card game. For every successful completion of challenges in Star Club, you receive stars. They unlock harder challenges in the club. Five decks of cards and the ability to create one yourself. You can choose from the five decks that already exist in the game. There are different decks used for challenges, picked by the program. You can design the deck just for regular games. You may try pictures from your computer for the design of card decks. Medals and achievements. This is a really pleasant thing to receive. You can earn achievements by using the tips above. You’ll receive medals after the successful finishing of daily tasks. Multiplayer events. If you believe that you are trained enough to play with other players, you may try yourself at such events. They occur regularly and can sign 100 players to play against each other. Winners will be chosen by the amount of time they spent in the game so you don’t need to win all challenges. All you need to do is to be faster than others. In the end, you will receive special medals. Microsoft Solitaire Collection contains all your favorite games with new challenges and more levels. You are already familiar with the games proposed in the pack and can concentrate on new achievements. While there are numerous benefits in the set, one of the most favorites is the ability to paste your face on the deck.   Continue Reading Microsoft Solitaire Collection Pyramid - How to play Pyramid Solitaire from Microsoft is among the best PC games in Solitaire world. It became favorite entertainment for many PC owners the first day it appeared. It does not take a lot of the place and the rules are simple to understand. You can play online or download from Microsoft Solitaire Collection. Okey, let’s learn the winning strategy. Layout of Cards The game is played with 52 cards deck without jokers. What you have to do is build a pyramid of 6 cards height and 6 cards wide in its widest last row. The main number of 21 cards is dealt with the pyramid all face-up. There are 6 rows you need to build. Each card in the first top 5 rows is blocked by two cards in the next row, underneath it. Both cards must be discarded before you will be able to release the upper card. This move will include the card into the game. You have 6 cards, already exposed in the last row of the pyramid that is open for the game. Six cards are dealt as a reserve down at the pyramid each of them available to play. The image of the screen: The discard pile is on the upper left side from the deck The stock is on the upper right side from the deck Waste Pile is underneath Stock The pyramid 6 rows high and 6 cards in the widest last row is in the middle of the screen Reserve is beneath the Pyramid, consists of 6 cards. Mathematics in Pyramid Solitaire Paris of the cards that are exposed in the total number of 13 must be placed inside a Discard pile at the top left area. The main goal is to discard every 52 card, which leads to the demolition of the whole pyramid. Kings count as 13, Aces as 1, Queens as 12, Jacks as 11. They are discarded mainly as a single card, not as a pair. Microsoft solitaire collection pyramid how to play Cards can be turned from a Stock Pile one by one. If the card is not paired with an available card on the playfield, it must be thrown in the Waste Pile. Any pair of cards that available total 13 or single kings may be transferred to the Discard Pile. Available cards are completely exposed cards and can include any of the six cards in reserve, last card from the stock, uncovered pyramid’s card or the top card from the waste pile. There are six cards in the last row of the pyramid that are available to play at the beginning of the game. Once they are removed, they make other cards up into the pyramid open for the game. If you want to use the card you need to completely expose it by removing cards that are covering it. The game will be over once the stock is exhausted and there are no more pairs left. Game Controls You can control the game easily with the mouse. Use mouse pointer to expose cards face down. Click on both cards if you want to discard a pair that gives 13 in total or just single King. It will turn both cards face down. After that, click on the Discard Pile. All the chosen cards will fly to the Discard Pile automatically.  If you know that you have made mistake, don’t worry. You need to turn the cards face down and up again by clicking on them again. The game sounds like real fun to play. All you need to do is open it and try yourself. You don’t have to memorize the rules. Everything is pretty clear once you are clicking on the cards. The knowledge comes with experience. If you believe that the best strategy is to memorize rules, this guide is for you.   Continue Reading Microsoft Spider Solitaire Tips Spider Solitaire is a famous game created by Microsoft Windows (Microsoft Solitare Collection) many years ago. For over than 20 years it continues to entertain office workers across the world. It is a nice way to take a quick break from a daily routine, relax and flow with this card game. It has very easy to understand rules, unchangeable no matter what deck updates you receive. The game is played by one player and uses two decks of usual cards. Many devoted mathematicians were trying to build a winning strategy. Still, it is very hard to predict the cards you open. Here are some basics you may want to learn before you try your luck. Three Sections of the field The Tableau is the first and the main section where the whole game is going on. There is almost half of the deck, usually 54 cards of 104 available to play. They are arranged in 10 different—size columns. The top cards lay with the face-up. The second section is Stock, which has 50 cards that have not been opened or dealt with somehow. Each of the columns in tableau can get a new card when you tap on the stock. Sounds not so hard, right? The third section is Foundation which contains 104 cards in total at the beginning and at the end if you will be lucky enough. It consists of color-sorted cards in order. There are 8 stacks. Starting from King to Ace the order must be kept. Main rules of the game The main goal in this game is to move the cards in the right order to the Foundation from Tableau, using cards from Stock. Don’t forget that the cards must be arranged not only by color but keep descending order as well.  Once the sequence is completed, it will be moved automatically to the foundation, so you could start new collection, until the tableau will be cleared. Levels of the game Spider Solitaire has 3 main levels: Easy. There is just one color you need to gather. Challenging. Two colors of decks which make it harder. Extremely challenging. It contains 4 colors that you need to play with. This is an advanced game for experts. The first level can be played differently, and not like the other levels. One suit microsoft spider solitaire tips This is for the beginners. The one suit is the easiest way to train your skills and learn the basics of the game. You don’t have to take colors into the account when you are moving cards. All you need o do is place them in the ascending order. Just follow the main, and possibly only one rule of the first level: the top card which you place must be higher on one point than previous one. For example, you can place 2 of Spades on 3 of Spades. You can try to move few cards at the same time if they are in the right order with a point difference. Example: move 8,7, 6 to 9, if they are in the order. Once you moved the card from the column, the previous one that was face down will be turned and you’ll see it. IF the column is empty, you can place there any card you want. Use the undo button to go back on one step. Two and Four Suits The rules are almost the same as for one suit game. However, now you have several different colors and you have to take them into account. You still can move cards from one to another by the higher point in value without paying attention to the color. Ten of Clubs can be placed on Jack of Hearts, for example. Still, the complete deck must consist only from the same suit.  The smart strategy is to try arranging cards by colors as much as you can. New cards from the stock If you stuck somewhere at the field and don’t have anything to move, try stock. You can check it, trying to fit the new cards to open new lines on the field. Fill the empty spots. Once you have decided to play this game, you may simply open it and play. There will be short instructions. The game is really intuitive and easy to play.   Continue Reading A simple guide to Microsoft Solitaire Collection windows 10 Solitaire is still one of the greatest computer games. It was one of the first games that appeared on Windows and it still remains among the most played. The popularity of the game is understandable. You don’t have to download it, as it is often can be found among the games that already installed on your computer. The rules are simple and the gameplay is hard to misinterpret. Download Microsoft Solitaire Collection This game was a part of the Windows system for 25 years now. It was released with 3.0 version of Windows and since that time had several minor updates until Windows 7 appearance. After that, in the Windows 8 edition, Microsoft changed the classic version with the modern one, the one we know as Microsoft Solitaire Collection. It is completely free, but if you want to remove annoying ads or open some extra features, you will need to pay a subscription. If you don’t want to pay for the game, there is another way to bring classic Solitaire to Windows 10. First things first: you must have access to Windows XP installation if you want to run the game on Windows 10. The best way is to get files from an old computer if you can. If you don’t have it, create a virtual machine to extract files. And if you don’t have access to installation media, you can download ISO by using MSDN original subscription. Open Windows Explorer Pick My Computer Type C:\WINDOWS\system32 in the address bar and push Enter Now click on the Search Pick All files and Folders in the left pane Type cards.dll, sol.exe in the Search query Select these files and with the right click open menu and press Copy Open USB and Paste it there with a right click Now you can install the files on Windows 10 Open the File Explorer Click This PC Double click the Local Disk drive, which is under Devices and Drives Pick New Folder to create a folder with the name Solitaire Open USB flash drive and select sol.exe and cards.dll files Select Copy with the right click Go inside Solitaire folder and click Paste After that, double click the sol.exe file. It will start the Solitaire classic game on your Windows 10 device. But if you prefer to see the new look of an old game, the easiest way is to go to the Microsoft official website and get the game for free. Solitaire versions are available for Xbox, PlayStation and mobiles as well. You may find new graphics and several themes added to the game. How to start the game and fix the problem when microsoft solitaire collection windows 10 not working? If your Solitaire Collection does not work anymore, don’t panic. It is very possible, that this is a system problem and it can be fixed. These are the most common solution for fixing the problem that works: Reset the game Reinstall the game Run troubleshooter Windows 10 free app Reset cache of Windows Store Update the system Update Windows Store app Switch the Solitaire app Reset the Solitaire Collection: Find Win+I on keyboard and press Pick System in System Settings Click App and Features on the left panel Scroll down till you find Microsoft Solitaire Collection Press it and click the Advanced options Pick the Reset button in the list. After that press Reset again in the window that will appear Reinstall Collection: Open Search box and click the icon Cortana Now in the field that appeared enter “powershell” and use the right click to press on the same name result. Choose Run as Administrator In the command line of Power Shell type “Get-AppxPackage *solitaire collection* | Remove-AppxPackage” Click Enter and restart Windows 10 when it is done Open Windows Store and install the game again Reset the cache of Windows Store: Find Win+R on the keyboard and press it Type wsreset.exe once the Run box appears Press Enter Now restart your computer Update your system Windows 10: Find Win+I on the keyboard, press them and choose Update and Security Click Windows Update on the left panel you may see in the main window Apply updates that are waiting for approval Update apps from Windows Store: Open the app Windows Store Click on the account icon that you can see at the upper right corner on the main window Now choose Downloads and click Check for Updates Follow the on-screen instructions and update all your apps In the end, you will need to restart your computer to make everything work Switch an app of Solitaire It is not another solution, as it is more of a suggestion for you. Still, it can help. You may try another collection of solitaire and replace the one that does not work.  There are numerous options you may want to check, like Solitaire HD, Simple Solitaire or Spider Solitaire. They all have different graphics, but the same rules. If the problems are still there, check Internet connection, the work of Firewall and settings of your antivirus. Some security settings may block the work of the app. In the Display Settings check that default setting is on the 125 percent and not 150 percent. The last one is too big to fit the screen which may cause all the problems. Once you have found the cause of the problem and fixed it, you may enjoy Solitaire. This is the game that is still interesting to play while you are waiting for a new task at the office or just have enough free time. Check the fresh updates in the game and compare the experience.   Continue Reading