A complete guide to Microsoft Solitaire Collection cheats

Microsoft Solitaire Collection is the set of games that come with Windows 10. For the long period, all versions of Windows came packed with different Solitaire editions. The new era was started when users of Windows 10 did not find any familiar Solitaire, Spider Solitaire or FreeCell games.

The good news was that Microsoft included Solitaire Collection into Windows 10. They extended a number of Solitaire games, including TriPeaks and Pyramid, which made their debut on Windows devices. Besides that, developers added some light and hard daily challenges and more themes to the card games.

Still, both games are not completely unfamiliar to gamers, as they had an opportunity to play in Pyramid through Microsoft Entertainment Pack 2, hidden by the name Tut’s Tomb. TriPeaks version appeared in Microsoft Entertainment Pack 3. They were previously selected into the Best of Microsoft Entertainment Download.

The difference

Solitaire Collection has integration with Xbox Live, unlike like games from Windows 7 standard pack. It also is freemium adware. Its design was mainly inspired by Windows 8 Start Screen, made in 2012. The game had to introduce Windows 8 to its users.

Unlike all the previous games for other Microsoft operational systems, this collection is updated from the Windows Store. It also has a connection with Microsoft server and the ability to communicate with it. Users may notice that Microsoft included daily challenges offer and achievements track to the Solitaire Collection.

Microsoft Solitaire Collection Overview

Developers came up with the new versions of classic Solitaire which they called Klondike, FreeCell, Spider, Pyramid, and TriPeaks. Many people are already familiar with FreeCell and classic version of Solitaire that now called Klondike. Both of these games received slightly different graphics, but the rules are still the same.

While FreeCell and Klondike were included in previous Windows versions under another names, Tripeaks, Pyramid, and Spider is still very familiar for most players, as they are the variants of popular card games. Plus, with all these games there are daily challenges you may take part in. They provide one challenge a day for one game. In total, you receive 5 challenges for a day if you play in all five games. After successful completion, you receive awards and medals.

Achievements and how to unlock them

In any game created by humans, there is a cheat that can be found. And if you are looking for microsoft solitaire collection cheats, this guide is for you. You’ll have unlockable options, and here is how to unlock them:

  • All Hands on Deck can be unlocked by winning 1 000 Solitaire games

  • Classic is unlocked after completed the Klondike game without Foundation pile use

  • Classic Speed Run  - the fastest win in FreeCell, Spider and Klondike receive up to 10 minutes

  • Excavator – 21 rows cleared in Pyramid’s single game

  • Flipping Out – flipped 10 000 cards

  • FreeCell – 4 medals won

  • Game 617 – won #617 game in FreeCell

  • Jack of all Trades – played a game of FreeCell, Klondike, TriPeaks, Pyramid, and Spider

  • Jackpot! – Cumulative Vegas 1000 points score in Klondike is earned

  • Journeyman – played over 10 000 games in Solitaire or began Windows 8 game and finish on Windows Phone

  • King of the Hill  - won 100 games in Solitaire

  • Klondike – won 4 medals related to Klondike

  • Lucky 13 -  received 10 000 points playing Pyramid

  • Mountain Climber – received 150 000 points in TriPeaks

  • Number Runner – cleared five boards in TriPeaks’ one game

  • Pyramid – has 4 medals related to Pyramid

  • Spider – has 4 medals related to Spider

  • TriPeaks – has 4 medals related to TriPeaks

  • Unraveler – beat the game of Spider in 4 suits

  • Victorious – received 20 medals in total on Windows 8 and Windows Phone.

Microsoft Solitaire Collection Benefits

  • Classic staples of Solitaire. While there are multiple numbers of different variations of solitaire, including paper cards, the five options that were gathered by Microsoft are the most often played, known and favorite. People love these games and get angry when they are not preinstalled on their device. Still, the pack is always available in the official Microsoft store for free.

  • Star Club and Daily Challenges. This is something completely new for such kind of games. There are challenges that players need to pass every day in order to receive awards. You will be asked to solve a special deal, to play a different card, to clear a certain type of card amount. Completing daily challenges will bring you medal at the end of the month.

Star Club brings extra packs of challenges if you feel that daily tasks are not enough for you. Each of the pack has its own unique theme, level of difficulty or the card game. For every successful completion of challenges in Star Club, you receive stars. They unlock harder challenges in the club.

  • Five decks of cards and the ability to create one yourself. You can choose from the five decks that already exist in the game. There are different decks used for challenges, picked by the program. You can design the deck just for regular games. You may try pictures from your computer for the design of card decks.

  • Medals and achievements. This is a really pleasant thing to receive. You can earn achievements by using the tips above. You’ll receive medals after the successful finishing of daily tasks.

  • Multiplayer events. If you believe that you are trained enough to play with other players, you may try yourself at such events. They occur regularly and can sign 100 players to play against each other. Winners will be chosen by the amount of time they spent in the game so you don’t need to win all challenges. All you need to do is to be faster than others. In the end, you will receive special medals.

Microsoft Solitaire Collection contains all your favorite games with new challenges and more levels. You are already familiar with the games proposed in the pack and can concentrate on new achievements. While there are numerous benefits in the set, one of the most favorites is the ability to paste your face on the deck.