Microsoft Solitaire Collection Pyramid - How to play

Pyramid Solitaire from Microsoft is among the best PC games in Solitaire world. It became favorite entertainment for many PC owners the first day it appeared. It does not take a lot of the place and the rules are simple to understand. You can play online or download from Microsoft Solitaire Collection. Okey, let’s learn the winning strategy.

Layout of Cards

The game is played with 52 cards deck without jokers. What you have to do is build a pyramid of 6 cards height and 6 cards wide in its widest last row. The main number of 21 cards is dealt with the pyramid all face-up. There are 6 rows you need to build. Each card in the first top 5 rows is blocked by two cards in the next row, underneath it. Both cards must be discarded before you will be able to release the upper card. This move will include the card into the game. You have 6 cards, already exposed in the last row of the pyramid that is open for the game. Six cards are dealt as a reserve down at the pyramid each of them available to play.

The image of the screen:

  • The discard pile is on the upper left side from the deck

  • The stock is on the upper right side from the deck

  • Waste Pile is underneath Stock

  • The pyramid 6 rows high and 6 cards in the widest last row is in the middle of the screen

  • Reserve is beneath the Pyramid, consists of 6 cards.

Mathematics in Pyramid Solitaire

Paris of the cards that are exposed in the total number of 13 must be placed inside a Discard pile at the top left area. The main goal is to discard every 52 card, which leads to the demolition of the whole pyramid. Kings count as 13, Aces as 1, Queens as 12, Jacks as 11. They are discarded mainly as a single card, not as a pair.

Microsoft solitaire collection pyramid how to play

Cards can be turned from a Stock Pile one by one. If the card is not paired with an available card on the playfield, it must be thrown in the Waste Pile. Any pair of cards that available total 13 or single kings may be transferred to the Discard Pile. Available cards are completely exposed cards and can include any of the six cards in reserve, last card from the stock, uncovered pyramid’s card or the top card from the waste pile.

There are six cards in the last row of the pyramid that are available to play at the beginning of the game. Once they are removed, they make other cards up into the pyramid open for the game. If you want to use the card you need to completely expose it by removing cards that are covering it. The game will be over once the stock is exhausted and there are no more pairs left.

Game Controls

You can control the game easily with the mouse. Use mouse pointer to expose cards face down. Click on both cards if you want to discard a pair that gives 13 in total or just single King. It will turn both cards face down. After that, click on the Discard Pile. All the chosen cards will fly to the Discard Pile automatically.  If you know that you have made mistake, don’t worry. You need to turn the cards face down and up again by clicking on them again.

The game sounds like real fun to play. All you need to do is open it and try yourself. You don’t have to memorize the rules. Everything is pretty clear once you are clicking on the cards. The knowledge comes with experience. If you believe that the best strategy is to memorize rules, this guide is for you.