Microsoft Spider Solitaire Tips

Spider Solitaire is a famous game created by Microsoft Windows (Microsoft Solitare Collection) many years ago. For over than 20 years it continues to entertain office workers across the world. It is a nice way to take a quick break from a daily routine, relax and flow with this card game.

It has very easy to understand rules, unchangeable no matter what deck updates you receive. The game is played by one player and uses two decks of usual cards. Many devoted mathematicians were trying to build a winning strategy. Still, it is very hard to predict the cards you open. Here are some basics you may want to learn before you try your luck.

Three Sections of the field

The Tableau is the first and the main section where the whole game is going on. There is almost half of the deck, usually 54 cards of 104 available to play. They are arranged in 10 different—size columns. The top cards lay with the face-up.

The second section is Stock, which has 50 cards that have not been opened or dealt with somehow. Each of the columns in tableau can get a new card when you tap on the stock. Sounds not so hard, right?

The third section is Foundation which contains 104 cards in total at the beginning and at the end if you will be lucky enough. It consists of color-sorted cards in order. There are 8 stacks. Starting from King to Ace the order must be kept.

Main rules of the game

The main goal in this game is to move the cards in the right order to the Foundation from Tableau, using cards from Stock. Don’t forget that the cards must be arranged not only by color but keep descending order as well.  Once the sequence is completed, it will be moved automatically to the foundation, so you could start new collection, until the tableau will be cleared.

Levels of the game

Spider Solitaire has 3 main levels:

  • Easy. There is just one color you need to gather.

  • Challenging. Two colors of decks which make it harder.

  • Extremely challenging. It contains 4 colors that you need to play with. This is an advanced game for experts.

The first level can be played differently, and not like the other levels.

One suit microsoft spider solitaire tips

This is for the beginners. The one suit is the easiest way to train your skills and learn the basics of the game. You don’t have to take colors into the account when you are moving cards. All you need o do is place them in the ascending order. Just follow the main, and possibly only one rule of the first level: the top card which you place must be higher on one point than previous one. For example, you can place 2 of Spades on 3 of Spades. You can try to move few cards at the same time if they are in the right order with a point difference. Example: move 8,7, 6 to 9, if they are in the order.

Once you moved the card from the column, the previous one that was face down will be turned and you’ll see it. IF the column is empty, you can place there any card you want. Use the undo button to go back on one step.

Two and Four Suits

The rules are almost the same as for one suit game. However, now you have several different colors and you have to take them into account. You still can move cards from one to another by the higher point in value without paying attention to the color. Ten of Clubs can be placed on Jack of Hearts, for example. Still, the complete deck must consist only from the same suit.  The smart strategy is to try arranging cards by colors as much as you can.

New cards from the stock

If you stuck somewhere at the field and don’t have anything to move, try stock. You can check it, trying to fit the new cards to open new lines on the field. Fill the empty spots.

Once you have decided to play this game, you may simply open it and play. There will be short instructions. The game is really intuitive and easy to play.