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The history of playing cards is incredibly exciting so that we couldn’t miss a chance to acquaint you with some of its facts. Many centuries ago the cards were invented, and besides the traditional, Chinese version of their origin, there are some alternative interpretations as well.

There is a famous Egyptian version supported by the modern occultists. They claim that in ancient times the Egyptian priests recorded all the wisdom of the world on 78 golden tablets which were also depicted in the symbolic form of cards. 56 of them were named Junior Arcana and became ordinary playing cards. The remaining 22 of the Senior Arcana became part of the mysterious Tarot deck used for fortune telling.

This Egyptian or Tarot version was first unveiled in 1785 by the French occultist Etteila, and his successors, the French Eliphas Levi, and Dr. Papus and the British Mathers and Crowley, created their own systems for interpreting the Tarot cards. However, scientists could not find any evidence of such an early existence of the Tarot deck.

There is also the third, European version, according to which ordinary cards appeared on the European continent no later than the XIV century. As early as 1367, the card game was banned in the city of Bern, and ten years later, the monks were playing cards enthusiastically into the walls of their monastery. 

In 1392, Jacques Gringonner, the jester of the insane French King Charles VI, drew a card deck for the entertainment of his master. The deck of that time was different from the current one: it contained only 32 cards. It lacked four ladies, whose presence seemed then redundant. Only in the next century, Italian artists began to depict Madonnas not only in paintings but also on cards.
The cards developed in different forms and for various purposes. They were used for playing and predicting. And in most of the cases, they were the piece of art themselves.

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